What Are Copycat Products?

Whar are copycat products

Copycat products are imitation versions of popular brands of goods and services. The only difference is in the packaging, branding, and marketing. The aim of a copycat product is to corner the consumer’s pocketbook and mind. Unlike original products, copycats do not have to be regulated, and they can be cheaper. They are cheaper than […]

Examples of Balance Sheets

Examples of balance sheets

Balance sheets are a summary of the financial position of a business. They can be prepared for a sole-proprietorship, business-partnership, Scorporation, private-ltd company, either other type of organisation. Here are some examples of balance sheets. You should also know about Shareholders’ equity and the Leverage ratio. Assets When companies keep their balance sheets, they report […]

What Are Machine Learning Operations?

What Are Machine Learning Operations?

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) is the process of solving problems in a machine learning system. This includes Model inference, Model review, and Model deployment. The key to successful MLOps is to understand the bottlenecks in the system. Once you understand them, you can begin solving them. Data validation When you’re developing and deploying machine learning […]